HyperSound™ & HyperFit™ Documentation Downloads

Electronic downloads of these documents requires Adobe Acrobat Reader™ or Apple Preview™ to view or print. Paper copies of the manuals linked on this page may be requested by calling Customer Support at the number below and they will be mailed at no cost within 7 days. Please check this site regularly for any updates to the documentation.

HyperSound Tinnitus User Guide Supplement (For End-Users)

The below Tinnitus User Guide instructional supplement should be printed and provided to patients who have the Tinnitus feature activated on their HyperSound unit.

English Only: HyperSound Tinnitus User Guide Supplement PDF

HyperFit Fitting Application Instructional Guide (Professional Use Only)

You can download the latest version of the HyperFit Guide, here:

English: HyperFit PDF
Français: HyperFit PDF
Deutsch: HyperFit PDF
Nederlands: HyperFit PDF

The HyperFit instructional supplement for Tinnitus is available here:

English Only: HyperFit Tinnitus Supplement PDF


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