Introducing HyperSound Clear™ 500P.


Do you long for the days when you and your family watched TV together? Perhaps it was watching the big game, the latest hit movie or the video of your grandchild’s school play? You used to find so much joy from these types of family moments, but now you just can’t hear the TV like you used to. Your only option is to turn the volume higher. Your family finds this frustrating, so you are left either feeling like you miss out on the experience, or watching TV alone.

Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself:

  • Do you find yourself turning the volume on your TV louder?
  • Are the voices muffled and difficult to understand when you watch most movies or shows?
  • Is your family starting to complain that you watch TV too loud?
  • Do you find yourself falling asleep during some of your favorite programs?
  • Do you wish you could hear the TV like you used to?


¹ Mehta, R., Mattson, S., & Kappus, B. (2015, September). Treatment of Tinnitus Using a Customized, Ultrasonic Acoustic Stimulus Delivered via the HyperSound Audio System. Audiology Online, Article 18261. Retrieved from (11 subjects achieved significant reduction in tinnitus loudness and annoyance on validated scale).


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